Au Diable Les Bananes

by Lisabi

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released February 4, 2011




Lisabi Campinas, Brazil

Lisabi is a septet from Barão Geraldo, Brazil, consisting of André Cardoso (bass, vocals), Matheus Fattori (guitars), Gabriel Slenes (trumpet, keys, vocals), Max Maiken (tenor sax), Fabiano Benetton (Guitars), and Luccas Villela (drums)

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Track Name: Thank You All
Thank you all, I've really had a great time
Now it's time to move on before our lives
Are stuck to your society's values
It's been quite an experience, some friendships will last forever

But I've seen it all around here, I'm pretty much bored
After growing up in the same house, the same people again and again
Drinking to have fun when it's really done to pass time
Track Name: Quit Your Life
Well I'm sorry about my voice.
I wish I liked anything else as much as I like this
But sadly it's my choice, and not something else that I'll do just to please you
With a guitar on my back, I'm gonna do just fine

Now I've got one year to get rich so as to pay the bills that I'll have to pay once I'm out of here
Cause you know, I heard that musicians always starve to death
At least I hope I won't starve to death

Let me tell you what's wrong, it's not just getting underpaid, more like being raped
By some smartass producer who thinks it's his job to deceive bands
Here's some common practice: send me your best song and $500 in cash
Maybe you'll get to play

I'm so tired of listening how we can't play, how we must pay just to play
How we've got to go commercial
The irony of running away is that it won't solve any problem
Well I guess I'm going away this time

Now it's time to get a job, pick a place and work your ass off for this dream
Now it's time to say goodbye to all our friends and all of those who've passed us by

It's time to get a job, it's time to pick a place and work your ass off for this dream
Write a song, save a buck, in a year we'll all be gone to a far away and really distant land
Where our music could be better regarded than a hobby gets to be
And people can appreciate it for what it is
This is what it is
Track Name: Fred Phelps: American Terrorist
Everyday your ministry spreads a million conveniently planned lies
As it becomes clear to me that everyone thinks god is on their side
I try and walk out of your goddamned way
But before you know it, your bigotry floods the place
Still we long for your imminent collapse

So I say you're a brainwash corporation knee-bending monster
You know nothing but to contradict yourself
Stop preaching hate you fool
Track Name: Share
Inflect the exasperated mind to laissez-fair
Thoreaunian opinions find shelter their own way
Your world to mine and peace is bound
To leaving by morning

Low sounds reverberate through timber
As if to fill the void of every incorrigible wound
Is this the last of ten nights that I'll wake up
Clasping my wrists firmly, barren struggle against dawn

To all my friends, it's not that I don't love you
It's just that I have to do this on my own
Mom and dad could never understand
Now they're gonna have to figure it out themselves

Your world of material excess could never make me smile
I stood lost in despair
It's never late to recover my soul
And so it seems like it could take a lifetime

Just when I thought this could never be
Finally have I come to realize
That what I had with you was really happiness
And you know it can't be true unless we share
Track Name: Dó Maior
A moment of clarity to stay insane
An instant of lethargy to see beyond
There's not one time I remember picking up the pace without slurring the rhymes
I have been coming home late again, again and again
Is there a quick excuse that one could use as if to make you proud?
So I'll move those shoes aside, they're always in the way
If we take it from the top and from solitude restrain
It seems that loosen members are always in the way

Never refer to scandalizing as means to ensure you'll be heard
Although inspiring, emblematic are your means to interrupt
Disoriented rhetoric, they revolve and acquire invariable speed
Which is faster than the sound of lightning and sometimes even than light itself

So please be heard
When forever finally means its name
All of your duties, they won't be postponed
The misery ruminated has been shaped in syntax syllables
This is what they told me:

"We make no sound as our distance grows,
we make no sound treading separate roads"

Marooned in circle conversations;
Abundant phone call delays;
Seems right now is never quite the time.

Planning tomorrow, safe life choices turned out to be a good read, but only until the second page
Another day explodes with the promise of a better late than ever attitude
Why don't we make some more plans and maybe we can retrocede in time and not waste it away

Losing time exchange words with meanings that will sting and not resolve.
What are we trying to accomplish wasting away?
Track Name: Language Itself is Profane
Expectation's building in, our connection wearing thin
It's about time I stopped wasting all my energy with you
Cheers to the moments that we shared, they're all hidden under my bed
Allow this memory to fade and heal these fucking scars I have.

I just can’t count how many times I fooled myself into believing
That you cared about me at least as half as I cared about you
Seems you don't really give a flying fuck and why should you
This is the last time that you'll ever get to hear my voice.

And you'll be sorry when I accidentally drink myself to death
Maybe you'll wish that we'd had shared
A few last frames together for whatever our friendship was ever worth
I'm tired of giving all I've got.

For what is worth I wrote this song just like running away from home
Swear I meant about every word just like that Sunday afternoon
Visit everyone that means a little more that shit to you
I'll be too busy to care by destroying my brain cells.

Can't believe how I fall for the same line every single time
It goes: " I blah blah blah blah oh my god whatever sorry"
Go back to whatever state you think you belong to
But never dare to phone me heartless bullshit again.

You never said a word that sounded wrong to me
I've always thought that you could stay for so long
But now I've seen just what it takes to admit that rambling on
Once meant just everything to me

I couldn't wait to tell you how
How miserable things did turn out.
But I won't, consider this song done, I won't write another word

But I gotta say, just the other day we were taken by compulsion
Everything I feared most is basically turning opposed to my
Lack of motivation, my own cycle of confusion
The fear of not having around those that you cherish most
People open up, talk shit and then they leave
There will be no one to clean up after their own shit
People open up, talk shit and then they leave

Sometimes I tend to exaggerate a bit
The weight of my own words will slowly fade
Would have told you all about it but I have ran out of words to say
If you and I could finally agree, we're nowhere near the lights
But I did try..
Track Name: Ambiência
Safe wording through the hollow textbook
You know liturgical eyes won't license lechery
This is the science of domination

Beautiful perhaps it might not have been, though ingenious instead one dared say it was
Frigid is the needle that singes their bodies with methadone flavors and new shades of red

"Track down the living, throw them inside
buildings and offer
a contentment so cold it freezes the motion of life in a sentence"

Pheromone breezes of sin keep me awake

And this is how it goes
in numbing entertainment's lips, we read the promise of a future.
Comfortably stiff is how we sit.

Inhaling the silence sold for the price of taking in what was ripped out,
as if blood-pulsing movements could be blinded and beheaded.

In the age of efficiency, miners might just get buried alive;
when the price of their lives weigh less than their wages

"Where are the living? We can't allow
pallid fragile faces
asphyxiating to manifest true passionate living"

Arise, for it's the only thing that's left;
Gifted confusion must dominate our corpses
in an ever fulfilling dance of reality.

And lies to our faces give true significance to dawn
A choreographed treason mocks an apology to reason
Immaculate minds spark yet another plot
with missteps leading to unnamed epitaphs

As dissonant streams of a broad casted lie fill my eyelids and spread through the warmest wavelength, captivity’s begging to show.

To live inside a cage your whole life
What was taken of reality must now be recovered
And the expropriators appropriated in turn

Language without reply
The world is already filmed, now it is a matter of transforming it
If sleeping is blissful
Then I'll stay awake
Track Name: Zelda
Daylight has finally come to shine
It dries away the tears from her eyes
And draws to an end what felt like one million nights

And it was all since that man, that perfect man
He made his way through all of our lives
An offer of trust, we accepted our brilliant demise

But let me tell you something because I was there too
A hand to a shoulder and friendliness soon were dissolved
Into reoccurring scenes of unspeakable violence
Why must child and adult fill the roles of submission by threat

That's when I upped and told mom about perfection
But a sweet routine and desperation were too fond of each other
They gave birth to illusion
So with no one to turn back to
She finally held hear piece to herself
An inconvenience to others, the cost of a ruined life

Feel the weather turning gray like lead floating in sky
Like a pair of scissors under cloth could remain justified
The cure to much of my distress rests in the tip of a blade

Yet there's another change of light that would certainly otherwise provide me
With the fairest of excuses, but I've got something more
They are lungs and a heart and with them I'll say...

…exactly what's been happening since age of four
A move towards oblivion is a move towards death

Let me rephrase, my intentions are staked
Will you back evermore out of everyone's lives
Because for what you did I can't bear empathy
All the sorrow and pain you've inflicted can not be repaired
Now imagine if I had the power to rule over your actions, I'd still choose not to do so
Taking the freedom of somebody else is not to be repeated by anyone ever again

Of all the morals that still drag me to your soul
Which made you feel so insecure like a deserver of some beautiful repair
Could you tell me what's so wrong?
Never in words, but I feel I'm coming close
To the proposal of a symptomatic curse
Track Name: Satyagrahi
Barro en las manos, ropas y cejas, bajo el sol
Colores tradicionales sostenidas al viento
Deberá prevalecer la esperanza donde el odio clamoroso es abundante,
If you stay let it be as prisoners of our love

There's so much to learn from cauterized skinned threads and bones
The nika attempt to dismantle never setting-sun land

Acrolectal essence turned in homespun innocence
The sun yelled, it defrosted the bodies of the sane and just, their vital truth
A rue we're all so familiar to
Stepping stone for the counter-march, approaching of 10 myriads
Ferocious discipline with an appetite to match

How much difference would there be if all kings said:
Not a single drop of blood needs to be shed
Let lions lie amongst their kin

Steel appendages would not fly but be spared
The true meaning of our lives prepared
Confluence of interests overwhelmed

There's still so much we've got to learn from hypnotized civilian lost lives
That still insist in burying the hatchet instead of postponing
A calm coexistence, yet we're kept from learning that
If it's eye for an eye how we deal with our lives
There can never be bloodshed enough to suffice our quench for self demise
Nor any medical assistance for the blind
Enough to dodge the pillars that come crumbling down
Perforating askew questions of ancient times
My private collection of headstone lies
Hollow glare face planted into the skies

We have been scrubbing the floor for way too long
Trying to eliminate the dirt poor
A clean kill to get our faultless hands
On all the things that we'll never have

What my life has meant so far
Is shining in every rock we trod on our way to Dandi
From the 12th to the 6th and well beyond
Splattered blood could not discourage our trait
As we stood still as one offering a peaceful pace to the unloving force we face
Kneeling down asking nothing but bread and receiving stone instead

And if such be the case
Of the standard race
Cooperation we refuse to celebrate
Then we'll know not the bang itself but every sound in every way
And the whimper with which it all ends
Then I guess we're going away this time

Deberá prevalecer la esperanza donde el odio clamoroso es abundante,
Deberán dulce amor prosperar o altos sueños tener lugar
En medio al tumulto de lucha reverberante
Por entre credos antiguos, en medio a la raza y a la raza antigua,
Que destroza la tumba, felices propósitos de la vida,
Sin dejar refugio a no ser tu cara de auxílio?

A broken foundation;
Where the sun never sets
revealed the hope of a future sunrise-
A sea of oppression, pain, and regret,
Stopped at the shores of benevolence:
where a bond turned a million foes friends.